Blind Betty’s Original Recipe Spotlight


Nearly every day around 1 pm I catch myself losing focus and jumping wildly from task to task. A little packing a of this tea, or writing a little bit of this description before I catch myself and realize that it’s time to eat some lunch and recenter myself. One of the great things about working at The Spice Hut is that when I find myself caught in a rut and bringing the same old sandwich or salad for lunch there are hundreds of options of hot sauces and spices to keep the ol’ tastebuds happy.
The flavor of this week has been Blind Betty’s Original Recipe hot sauce. I came across this sauce when I was writing it’s description for our store. To keep our site informative I refuse to write about anything I havent tasted, and this helps ensure that the reader gets a first hand perspective of what they are purchasing. Having not yet tasted the Blind Betty’s Original Recipe but having enjoyed the Pineapple Pizzaz I decided to purchase a bottle and try it out with my lunch. (With an employee discount of coursetemp-post-image )

Walking over to the Community Food Co-Op I was pleased to see that they had both a freshly made kale and almond salad, as well as some cajun turkey sandwiches that looked too good to pass up. I purchased my sandwich and salad but not before walking up and down the Cordata Co-Ops tea and spice aisles to rearrange the Spice Hut Teas and Spices in their respective sections.


Upon returning back to the store, I popped open the bottle of hot sauce and quickly breathed in the aroma of its saucy goodness. This hot sauce has quite a few fruit and vegetable notes to it, more than likely from the pureed pumpkin, apple juice, tomato juice, carrot and onion that comprise the body of the sauce and give it it’s thickness. One can also easily detect the salty flavor of soy and worcestershire in the aroma.
As with all first tastes, I used one of our stir sticks to procure a small amount of the sauce for tasting before I spread it on my sandwich.This precaution serves as a great tool for experiencing the true flavor of a sauce on its own before using it on foodstuffs, as well as a smart tactic to avoid overheating your coveted lunch by using too much of a sauce you don’t yet have familiarity with.
Upon first sampling I taste the distinct flavors of carrot, apple, onion and tomato flavor as well as a very mild heat that lingers on the extreme front and back of the tongue. This heat is more a glowing heat than a blistering one.
One of the refreshing aspects of Blind Betty’s Orignal Recipe sauce is that it doesn’t overwhelm the taste-buds with vinegar like many other sauces. The secondary flavor one picks up on aside from the vegetable melange is a note of worcestershire sauce where in many hot sauces here you would detect vinegar.
When mixed with both the turkey sandwich and salad that comprised my lunch I preferred the Blind Betty’s Original Sauce flavor’s in the kale and almond salad, and since that day I’ve tried it in potato salad and chicken and cashew curry. Both times the mixed vegetable flavor and soy notes with their habanero heat were great accents.
Spread on the Cajun Turkey sandwich the Blind Betty’s Original was tasty, but would be more suited to something less spicy already. I think it would be delicious on a roast beef and mayo sandwich on wheat bread.
This hot sauce definitely falls more into the category of Flavorful sauce than HOT sauce, but the heat will be sufficient for the new hot sauce aficionado looking to get an idea of the heat that can be had from the habanero at low concentrations.
This sauce would be a great choice for someone who prefers a base flavor that isn’t vinegary, this one being more savory and less acidic.
Heat- 5 out of 10
Flavor- A slightly fruity, vegetable medley accented by worcestershire sauce, garlic and soy. Savory more than sweet.
Suggested Uses- Mix with salad dressings to add a spicy fresh from the garden flavor. Add in to salsas for a great added heat. Mix with vegetable soups. A spoonful in tuna or chicken salad.