Scary October Spice Hut Deals!


As we start to notice the leaves changing colors and the morning air grows cool and crisp, The Spice Hut is gearing up to prepare you for the upcoming season. As you know, the Spice Hut is the best place to find tea accessories for your daily commute. Recently we have been impressed with the Takeya Tea and Coffee Tumbler.
This is one of the most perfect travel mugs that we have come across! It features a removable ultra-fine mesh filter so you can have your tea on the go, no more waiting for your tea to brew.
We carry these travel mugs in 3 styles:
Green Takeya Tumbler w/leaf design
Charcoal Takeya Tumbler w/leaf design
Charcoal Takeya Tumbler- no design


Spice Hut Tip: If you add tea directly to the mug but don’t want it to over steep or get bitter, try adding half the amount of leaves, you’ll also get more out of your tea.


Takeya travel mugs also feature double-wall construction so your hot beverages will stay hot and your cool drinks will stay cool for a lot longer! This is the perfect accessory for the changing of the seasons.
If you like the Takeya Tumbler now, just wait until you hear about our deals for the first week of October!

  • If you want the best deal on the Takeya Tumbler, come in to the shop after 4 PM this week and receive 15% off your total purchase. This is also a great time to stock up on all your favorite warming teas and spices before the outside temperature drops off!

  • When you come in to buy your tea for this season, take advantage of our special storage tin offer: Fill up a tin with tea and recieve 15% off the tin. Drop by the store to check out our wide selection of tea tins!

  • The first week of October is also our Bubble Tea Bonanza! Buy one Bubble Tea and get the second half off! This is an excellent time to bring in a friend and treat them to a tasty fresh bubble tea!