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Tea Brewing:

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is a challenge that many a tea drinker has attempted, but it is a rare occurrence that one is able to achieve the perfect cup. At The Spice Hut we have taken great efforts to craft the perfect cup for each and every customer when we serve our products in our tea cafes. Our best results have always come as the result of following some simple guidelines. 

The two most important aspects of creating the perfect cup of tea are actually very simple. 

The first rule is to always use the purest water you can with the least flavors associated with it. If you live in an area where tap water has a slight mineral flavor or chemical taste, purchase a water filter and make sure to change the filters on it regularly. Do what you can to always have a fresh, unadulterated source of cool water to use for your tea brewing. 

The second rule is to use the finest quality loose leaf tea available. Luckily, with the ease of purchasing online, finding the best quality loose leaf tea is much easier year round than has been the norm of the last few generations. We often suggest a tea drinker purchase 2-3 selections of a particular type of tea and compare the products to each other, contrasting the different flavor characteristics of the first flush to the second of a particular estate, and selecting which flavor profile is your favorite. This provides the drinker with some points of comparison to hone in on the particular aspects of each tae that they prefer, and ultimately which specific tea is their favorite.

One of the benefits of purchasing Spice Hut loose leaf tea is that before we stock any particular tea, we test numerous suppliers and their offerings for that particular product before deciding which is selected for our shelf space and virtual catalogs. This equates to less work for you in sampling numerous products before you are able to find your favorite.

  1. Start with fresh, cold water.
  2. Measure 1 tsp of Spice Hut loose tea per cup of water.
  3. Heat the water to the recommended temperature (see chart)
  4. Pour hot water over the leaves and steep for the appropriate time (see chart)
  5. Strain (remove) leaves from water and enjoy!!

Some handy tips for the perfect brew:
  • Make sure your kettle and teapot are clean no residue from previous teas
  • Preheat teapot with warm water, then spill before steeping leaves
  • Always use fresh, cold water
  • Use the correct amount of tea (1 tsp / cup water)
  • Brew tea for the proper time (see chart)
  • Use a brew basket for quick and easy removal of tea leaves.
  • Add sugar, lemon, or honey to taste


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