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Spice Hut takes great pride in the quality of our whole spices. At the Spice Hut, you will find only the freshest herbs, spices, and blends. All spice blends are custom-blended by Spice Hut and contain NO preservatives, fillers, anti-clumping chemicals, or msg. 

Our blends do not contain salt, allowing you to create a meal according to your own taste. Spices have been used for centuries, dating back to 50,000 BC, where archaeologists found remnants of leaves that were used to spice up meat dishes. 

Today spices are used by the daily cook, to the professional chefs. Itís hard to imagine a dish without a spicy zing to it!

One of the more important aspects of our operation at The Spice Hut is our custom blending lab at our home store. Here we are able to create new and exciting spice and herb blends with the premium spices we sell at our retail outlet. Many of our blends, like the Captains Spicy Steak Seasoning and Fishermen's Choice, started off as customer requests for custom seasonings.  After extensive use in our own kitchens we found them so good we started batch crafting them year round.

In addition to our spice blends, seasonings and rubs we are also very proud of our various chai spice medleys. Each of our chai blends is slightly different in terms of ingredients, but each blend shares one important quality: vibrant flavor. Having access to some of the spiciest cinnamons, most flavorful cardamoms, and rich fennel allows us to guarantee that our spiced chai will be authentic and delicious.

We also make use of our blending space to create a number of our flavored teas, mixing in fresh fruits and flowers to accent the quality teas we collect around the world.

Storage and Handling of Spices:
  • Keep Away from heat
  • Keep them cool and dry
  • Keep away from light


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Hours of Operation: 

Monday- Saturday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sunday 11am-5pm