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Bubble Tea
      Now available at The Spice Hut is one of the most popular drinks of the last decade; Bubble Tea! Our Bellingham location offers 18 different flavors of bubble tea as well as tapioca pearls and lychee flavored jellies.  But what exactly is bubble tea?

      Bubble tea can go by a few other names; Boba Tea, pearl milk tea, or boba milk tea, they all refer to the same popular drink.  The base of the drink is very similar to a fruit smoothie or an italian soda.  It is made from a powdered milk, fruit and green tea, and there is a sweet surprise in the bottom of the drink... tapioca pearls!  These are small slightly chewy morsels that you suck up through an over-sized straw.  We make our tapioca pearls fresh daily to ensure the best quality and flavor that we are famous for.  If tapioca isn't your thing, try the jellies.  They are a bit sweeter and softer and offer a totally different taste.

      Make it your goal to stop in today and give bubble tea a shot!  With our selection of flavors and ingredients you are sure to find a combo that you will fall in love with!  From Green Tea to Watermelon to Taro, get ready to be amazed by our flavors!


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