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TEA is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water.

Tea Origins and Varieties:

True tea is grown in thousands of tea gardens and estates around the world. Like wines, teas acquire their names from the areas and the estates they are grown. Each true tea has its own unique flavor and charm. Teas are graded by leaf size, season they are picked, and how they are processed. The three basic kinds of teas are Black tea, Green tea, and Oolong tea. Each of these teas are made from the Cameillia Sinensis plant, or the tea plant. Thousands of other products are packaged and sold as tea, but these other versions that use plants, flowers and roots that are not of the Camellia Sinensis plant are typically referred to as Herbal Teas or Tisanes. In the United States, about 94% of the tea consumed is Black tea. Green tea accounts for about 5% of tea consumed and Oolong the remainder. Though making a big splash in the tea drinking world,  White Tea is very rare and is produced exclusively from the buds or tips of the tea bush. Herbal teas are an infusion of leaves, roots, bark, seeds or flowers of other herbal plants.

Quality of Tea:
Many varieties of pre-packaged tea–bags you normally see are made from "fanning” from tea processing operations. These are the smallest broken pieces of tealeaves during mass tea processing operations. This tea fanning does give you the color but not the full body flavor of real tealeaves.The teacup brewed from loose-leaf premium teas is superior in taste and has much more  flavor than a ordinary tea bag. Once you try our teas, you will never go back to regular tea bags.

The Tea Leaf Difference:
Premium loose leaf teas are processed from most tender buds from the top of the tea plants. Usually these tea buds and youngest leaves are plucked by hand. The new leaves produce a full body flavorful and gentle tea with wonderful taste.

Tea & Health:
So many people love this ancient beverage. TEA is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. Recent research has discovered that much of the primitive folklore about the health benefits of tea is actually true.
  • Green Tea and Rooibos are loaded with antioxidants. The antioxidant properties of tea flavonoids may play a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by decreasing lipid oxidation, reducing the instances of heart attacks and stroke.
  • Tea is a natural source of fluoride and delivers 45% of your daily requirement, if you drink 3 to 4 cups per day.
  • Tea-drinking has been associated with oral health and bone health.
  • Tea without milk has no calories.
  • Average cup of black tea contains half the level of caffeine than coffee.
Spice Hut carries over 150 premium teas and tea blends and flavors with teas from all major tea producing regions of the world for your taste and choice!

Caffeine levels of various beverages:

Tea is Lower in Caffeine than Coffee and Cola

Cost of a Cup of Premium Tea:
After water, tea is the most commonly used beverage in the world. One ounce of tea leaves make 10-12 teacups (8 oz) and one pound of tea leaves will make almost 200 cups. So most of the premium teas, offered at Spice Hut, cost less than a quarter per cup. What a bargain for a healthy and flavorful cup of premium tea.

Storing Tea:
The basic rule to store tea is "keep the air and light out”. Most teas can be stored for up to a year. Use an airtight opaque container to store tea. It is not necessary to refrigerate the tea, just store it in a cool unheated cupboard or drawer.

Good Water for Good tea:
Good water makes a great difference in the taste tea. Even the finest of tea varieties will taste ordinary, when prepared with poor water. Unfortunately, about a fifth of American taps dispense water, which cannot be labeled "good drinking water”. And such water definitely doesn’t add to the flavor of tea. As a healthy, and great-tasting alternative, we recommend chlorine free water or 100% pure spring water to brew your teas.

Iced Tea is Easier Than You Think:
Forget the tea powders and ready to mix pouches for Iced Tea. Real tea leaves make a great tasting Iced tea. And it is very easy to make. Simply double the amount of tea leaves (making it two teaspoons per cup of water), and steep as usual (five minutes in most cases). Once tea is ready, add an equal amount of ice. Add turbinado sugar or other sweeteners to your liking. Garnish with mint or lemon, and enjoy the great taste.

Milk in your Tea:
The British custom of drinking tea with milk has its roots not in taste but economics. The long journey from the Orient made tea prohibitively expensive. Milk, on the other hand, was cheap and became the condiment of choice for economic reasons. Many people prefer a dash of milk in their tea. There are additional practices concerning milk in tea, mainly in theory that adding milk to a fine china cup first will protect a the cup from the extreme temperature change when hot water is added, thus ensuring that ones fine china is not ruined.


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