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Sir Fartalot's Hot Sauce
Price: $7.49
One of the more colorful hot sauces in labeling, this jalapeno sauce features honey and tequila.
Widow No Survivors
Price: $7.99
Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce is made from a devastatingly hot 1 million scoville pepper solution.
Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce
Price: $6.99
An exceptional Teriyaki Sauce prepared with care. A mild heat, and sticky sweet salty flavor.
Blair's Original Death
Price: $6.99
The Original Blair's Hot Sauce features lime juice, smashed garlic and a sweltering 35000 scovilles.
Blair's Salsa De Muerte
Price: $6.99
An export version of the Original Death Sauce but with a higher concentration of hot peppers.
Blair's Sudden Death
Price: $9.95
Mounds of fiery red habaneros, key lime juice, ginseng and clover honey along with a potent heat.
Blair's Sweet Death
Price: $6.99
Blairs Sweet Death Hot Sauce is a sweet habanero sauce that is excellent on glazed fish, and tacos.
Blind Betty's Blind In The Rind
Price: $6.99
Blind Betty's Blind in the Rind features orange, lemon and red habanero pepper. Sweet and hot.
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